Langley’s Old Tom 40% Gin 70cl (UK)

Langley’s England brings a refined Old Tom, a classic, mildly sweeter, gin style of Victorian London into a modern setting. Langley’s Old Tom 40% gin is based on an 1891 recipe and brings together eight botanicals.

Old Tom also exists in 47% ABV

Tasting notes: Nose- Juniper and creamy orange essence with a touch of juicy tangerine notes. Palate- Slow kick of juniper, fennel, nutmeg, lemon peel and coriander that develops to a smooth, soft, sweetened finish that lingers. More botanically intense and sweeter than a London Dry.

Signature serve: Langley’s Tom Collins- Fill a glass with ice, pour over 50ml of Langley's Old Tom Gin. Add 20ml of lemon juice before stirring in a good pinch of sugar until dissolved. Top up with soda and stir before garnishing with a lemon wedge, and don't forget to add a cherry on top!
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Langley’s Old Tom Gin 70cl, ABV 40%

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