First Chapter - Langley's England
First Chapter - Langley's England


Langley’s First Chapter has been made to commemorate the agreement between botanist and distiller to make top quality gin but at an accessible price. First Chapter is made to one of Langley’s original recipes using a time-honoured method.


Langley’s First Chapter uses 10 classic botanicals to create a Traditional English Gin. This style defined the initial style of gin that botanist & distiller pledged to create, using only quality ingredients and “proper methods” and we celebrate this as the first chapter in the history of quality gin production, dating back almost 200 years.
NOSE: Juniper with lemon peel that fades into coriander
PALATE: A moderate hit of juniper is followed by citrus peel and delicate spicing. Light, smooth and very refreshing as a classic G&T.


First Chapter - Langley's England

Back in the 1700s, less stringent gin laws had turned into Chaos. The Gin Act, finally recognised as unenforceable, was repealed in 1742 and a new policy, which distillers and botanists helped to draft, was introduced: reasonably high prices, reasonable excise duties and licensed retailers under the supervision of magistrates. In essence this is the situation which exists today.

These changes led to more respectable firms embarking on the business of distilling and retailing gin and it became the drink of high quality, which it has since remained. Langley’s First Chapter makes traditional English Gin accessible to a modern crowd using a traditional recipe and method.


First Chapter - Langley's England
First Chapter - Langley's England

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